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Mysterious Ways is now available in both paperback and e-book form.  For autographed copies, all of my books are available for purchase in paperback from this website and from Cladach Publishing and in paperback or e-book.  Barnes and Noble will also have the book in paperback.
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Mysterious Ways 
4 Book Series

White As Snow - 1864 Colorado Territory 

Book Price: 10.00    S/H:  4.00  Pages: 143  

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Living on an isolated ranch in 19th-Century Colorado Territory has many challenges, but for a ten year boy who is caring for his dying grandfather and trying to ready the ranch for winter, the challenge that faces him is a matter of survival.  Terror strikes fear into young Charlie Smith as the first snow begins to fall, but after falling to his knees in desperation, a mysterious man shows up at the cabin door, and good things start to happen.  But Charlie has a secret that he cannot share with anyone, including the big man who he has come to trust.

Rock Of Refuge - 1871 Colorado Territory

Book Price: 12.00    S/H:  4.00   Pages: 273

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Months have turned into years and Charlie from a boy to a young man. Restlessness grips him and he yearns for something different other than the mundane chores of their tiny ranch. The adventures offered by manning a cattle drive intrigue him, so he saddles up and heads north. Book 2 of the series Mysterious Ways, offers more insight to Charlie and Grandpa and the trail to Fort Collins is accompanied with romance, villains, and even angels.

In Green Pastures - 1872 Colorado Territory

Book Price: 12.00    S/H:  4.00   Pages: 254 

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Charlie learns of an Uncle's generous heart and through an inheritance, becomes a wealthy man.  But despite his wealth, he also learns that money can't buy everything.  Through the reveal of his Uncle's will, Charlie learns of a forgotten part of his family who reside in Missouri and while traveling to meet them, encounters outlaws, crooked relatives, and skeletons, most of which were hidden deep in the family closet.

Crimson River 1872 Colorado Territory To Present

Book Price: 13.00    S/H:  4.00  Pages: 283 

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The year is 2010.  The place is Denver, Colorado.  Charlie Smith and Philip LeFaye live their adventures through the lives of their descendants and the words Charlie had written in a journal over a hundred years before.  Charlie's old journal leads the modern day rag-tag team on a treasure hunt, weaving them through a mysterious maze of danger and suspense.  The reader searches with them, holding their breath with every step.  

Purchase the complete Mysterious Ways set and enjoy the entire saga of 

Charlie Smith 

Set Price: 47.00    S/H:  6.00   

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The Genesis Factor Series
Book 1 - Deception

The Genesis Factor: Deception

Book Price: 17.99   S/H:  4.00  Pages: 417 

(Taxes are approximate and calculated at time of purchase)

Doctor Rachel Wall, a Tier II geneticist assigned to clone human blood, finds the work so tedious, she simultaneously starts a personal experiment only to discover that, because of her hunger for fame, has become a part of a sinister crime ring led by a secret society that is plotting to re-activate the Rephaim of old. A car accident forces Rachel to come to terms with her part in the crime and upon confessing to the FBI Director, finds he is willing to absolve her, if first she helps them infiltrate the very organization that now wants her dead.

Her first mission is to attend a seminar hosted by the clandestine organization and there learns of cutting-edge technology that activates one’s DNA to ‘remember’ ancestral experiences. She volunteers to undergo the scientific process and is taken back in time where, after witnessing a conversation between Elohim and the Dark One sees the atrocities unleashed by the original Rephaim upon an ancient village. Before her genetic journey ends, she learns that the ‘blood experiment’ assigned to her earlier was not a waste of time. Blood is what the diabolical organization wants; it is also what mankind needs. Enticed by what she witnessed during her ‘genetic journey’, Rachel cannot help but fear the future. Now she must decide if she’s ready to fight for it?

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