North Star Stories

Psalms 103:17

But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children—

This is the Smith "Family Album"; a collection of what I imagine the characters in my books to look like. Updating the album will be an ongoing exercise as some of the characters change over time, but these images should suffice as an introduction to the who the Smith's were and how they lived in the mid-1800s. (Please note, I found these images on the Internet. If their real names were given, I put those in parenthesis. Also note, some of the pictures are the real places mentioned in my books. I'll convey that as well.)

White as Snow: A Christmas Story
Grandpa (Stuart Smith) circa: 1864 Colorado Territory (White as Snow)
Grandma as Charlie vagely remembers her (Elizabeth Smith)
Smith Log Cabin, Pueblo, CO
Charlie Smith, 10 years old, leaning against the back door of his cabin home (circa: 1864 Colorado Territory)
Photo of the real X10U8 Saloon in Pueblo, CO, circa 1864
Bessie, Grandpa's long time friend and companion.
Jess, the Moutain Man, Friend, and Hero
Goliath, Jess' giant horse
Big Blue, Grandpa's gun (An actual .58 caliber, 1853 Armi Sport Muzzleloader. We have one hanging on our wall.)
Actual map of the 1861 southwest territorial borders