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Donna's current series, The Genesis Factor: Deception, Contention, and Redemption isn't just speculative fiction, but it's a work of Biblical Speculative Fiction.

Not everything in the Bible is black and white; some issues are very grey. Biblical Speculative Fiction
stretches the bounds of what Christians accept by faith to be true, but encourages them to think beyond what is mentioned in the  Biblical passage; the "what ifs". While the speculative genre also crosses over and meshes with other genres to some extent such as Thriller, Crime, Romance, even Science Fiction, Biblical Speculative Fiction does not take away from anything sacred; it merely opens doors to possibilities. The books written in the Speculative genre are very imaginative and creative and in the case of my manuscript, thought provoking. Thought provoking because although my story is fiction, it is founded on Biblical truth, which I've been told can be down right scary. Why? Not necessarily because of what is mentioned, but what isn't mentioned...the "what if's." 

Read about the saga of Doctor Rachel Wall beginning with The Genesis Factor: Deception (published). The second book of the series, The Genesis Factor: Contention (published) and coming soon, the third and final book of the series: The Genesis Factor: Redemption.
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