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Donna's current series, The Genesis Factor:  Deception, Contention, and Redemption isn't just speculative fiction, but it's a work of Biblical Speculative Fiction.

Not everything in the Bible is black and white; some issues are very grey. Biblical Speculative Fiction
stretches the bounds of what Christians accept by faith to be true, but encourages them to think beyond what is mentioned in the  Biblical passage; the "what ifs". While the speculative genre also crosses over and meshes with other genres to some extent such as Thriller, Crime, Romance, even Science Fiction, Biblical Speculative Fiction does not take away from anything sacred; it merely opens doors to possibilities. The books written in the Speculative genre are very imaginative and creative and in the case of my manuscript, thought provoking. Thought provoking because although my story is fiction, it is founded on Biblical truth, which I've been told can be down right scary. Why? Not necessarily because of what is mentioned, but what isn't mentioned...the "what if's." 

The Genesis Factor: Deception

(Book One - Currently being reviewed by Publisher)

Doctor Rachel Wall, a Tier II geneticist assigned to clone human blood, finds the work so tedious, she simultaneously starts a personal experiment only to discover that, because of her hunger for fame, has become a part of a sinister crime ring led by a secret society who is plotting to re-activate the Rephaim of old. A car accident forces Rachel to come to terms with her part in the crime and upon confessing to the FBI Director, finds he is willing to absolve her, if first she helps them infiltrate the very organization that now wants her dead.

Her first mission is to attend a seminar hosted by the surreptitious organization and there learns of cutting-edge technology that activates one’s DNA to ‘remember’ ancestral experiences. She volunteers to undergo the scientific process and is taken back in time where, after witnessing a conversation between Jehovah and Satan sees the atrocities unleashed by the original evil Rephaim upon an ancient village. Before her genetic journey ends, she learns that the ‘blood experiment’ assigned to her earlier was not a waste of time. Blood is what the diabolical organization wants; it is also what mankind needs. Enticed by her past by what she witnessed during her ‘genetic journey’, Rachel cannot help but fear the future. Now she must decide if she’s ready to fight for it?

The Genesis Factor: Contention
(Book 2 of the Three Book Series)

The Saga of Doctor Rachel Wall continues...(currently being written)
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