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Hello all. Thank you for your interest in joining Donna's Launch Team. To sign up is easy-peasy and doesn't require much. All you have to do is READ and REVIEW. Here's what I have in mind for this special team.  

1. Send me an email (see form belowto with your Name, Email,  Home address is the Message Box, and CD preference to sign up.

2. When the time is ready to review a book, I'll send a book to you read, asking you have it completed in a week.

3. Put a review on for the book you reviewed.
NOTE: You must have spent at least $50.00 on ANYTHING at in order to add a review for a book.
Reviews are easy to write on Amazon. Find the book, click on Write a Review, and follow the bouncing ball.

4.Once I see your review on, I'll send you a CD of your choice for FREE. You can chose either the CD: At Home with the Westover Sisters ( my sisters and I singing A cappella) or At Home with Donna R. Westover (a CD of me singing songs I wrote and sang while playing my guitar).

Once you sign up to be on the Launch Team, you will receive review books for EVERYTHING I intend to publish starting with the second book of the Genesis Factor Series, and in the future. If you've not read the Genesis Factor: Deception (1st book - see The Bookstore tab), I recommend you do  in order to understand certain situations in book 2. Just a suggestion, not a requirement.