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            Donna Westover

Donna Westover is an author of Inspirational Fiction. Her first book, White as Snow, was published in 2005. Since then, she added three other books to the series she titled Mysterious Ways. They are: Rock of Refuge, In Green Pastures, and The Crimson River

Currently, Donna working on publishing the first book of a new series (see Other Books in the Works) through her new publishing company, North Star Publishing, and while still Inspirational Fiction, it isn't of the same genre as Mysterious Ways.  It is what she calls Biblical Speculative Fiction, or The Dark Side of the Bible. She hopes to have the first book published later this year or early next, so be watching (more to come on that subject). All of Donna's books balance faith with fact - but never at the expense of an entertaining read.

While a passionate writer, Donna is just as much a passionate speaker; sharing not only her life experiences, but her insights on the sweet swirls she finds in her daily devotions.  Her educational background in Biblical Studies and Business gives Donna a broad base in which to approach many topics both personally and professionally (B.S and Certificate of Biblical Studies: Liberty University and MBA, University of Phoenix). Donna doesn't just look to the Bible for His answer, she looks for His questions. Questions that make her think...that make her look for the answer through research...and writing.

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